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Posted on August 30, 2018

Personal Styling Service
Do you ever get up in the morning, stare into the abyss of your closet and think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!!” – if you answered yes, know that you aren’t alone. Even with a closet full of clothes it can be hard to coordinate outfits that truly reflect your lifestyle, especially without having a plan to help create a functional wardrobe. This is where the personal style service at BJ Wilson & Company can help!

BJ and her team have been utilizing her tried and true wardrobe consulting process to help their clients look and feel confident with their clothing choices for well over 30 years. Her one-of-a-kind method, based off the four seasons, will not only create a wardrobe that makes getting dressed in the mornings a breeze but will also perfectly reflect the client’s unique lifestyle needs.

What to Expect During In-Home Consultations

The consultation process begins with BJ and her stylists dividing your clothing into seasons. From there, out-of-season clothes will be neatly stored away leaving only the current seasons items in the closet. In-season clothing will then be examined, evaluated and edited – stylists will check for wear, discoloration, sizes that don’t fit, repetitive items and out-of-date items to either discard, donate or sell on consignment. The client will always have the ultimate say in what stays and what goes during this initial closet edit. The remaining items in the closet will be organized by clothing type, color and fabric for easy future location and coordination.

After the style team finishes the edit and organization of the current season’s clothing it is easy to see what the client’s individual wardrobe needs to be complete and create outfits easily and efficiently. The stylist will create a shopping list that will help update your existing wardrobe based on your specific clothing needs. This process allows the style team to define your personal style, create a color scheme and design a wardrobe plan to suit your lifestyle and budget. The shopping list will be coordinated and built from the basics in your closet while staying within your set clothing budget. The final result is a functional, coordinated wardrobe and a client whose appearance is enhanced by projecting a self-assured image, whatever the lifestyle may be.

Working with a wardrobe consultant gives you options, keeps you in style, and helps you get the most out of your clothes. The professional consulting staff at BJ Wilson & Company provides a wardrobe perspective that utilizes the clothes you already have and updates them by adding specific pieces, new trends, colors and accessories for each wardrobe season.

What Next…

After the initial in-home consultation, the client can either shop for the items on their shopping list themselves or have the stylist do the personal shopping for them. If the latter option is selected, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled after the shopping to show the client the selected clothing and conduct a professional fitting. We will take care of any needed alterations, exchanges or returns.

At the second appointment, many clients opt for the creation of a style book. The style book, an extension of our personal style service, is created when the stylist takes pictures of a minimum of 30 coordinated outfits that is created from both the old and new items in your updated wardrobe. Each outfit is completely coordinated from head-to-toe – including bags, shoes and accessories. This is an easy way to remember 1) what’s in your closet and 2) what goes together. Our goal is to have you feeling confident recreating the looks and creating ones of your very own!

Here are some examples of photos taken for our client’s style books:

Personal Styling Service

Personal Styling ServicePersonal Styling Service


BJ Wilson & Company are based in Fort Worth, Texas and serve the greater DFW area, and now is the time to start scheduling your fall wardrobe appointments. All appointments are booked on a first-come, first-served basis so don’t miss out on your opportunity to have our team help craft the wardrobe of your dreams.

New clients are eligible with a free 30-minute phone consultation with a stylist to help determine the professional styling services best suited for your needs. Feel free to check out all of the services we offer by clicking here.

Ready to schedule your personal style service? Call us at 817-763-5081 or email our client booking specialist, Kelsi at

We look forward to seeing you this season looking confident and being inspired by what’s in your wardrobe.

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