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Posted on August 28, 2018

Busy Shopper

Our Team Offers Training on the Customer Service Skills You Need for Success.

A recent study from TimeTrade revealed a startling statistic about shoppers: more than 90 percent will leave a store empty-handed if not provided with adequate help. Many retailers operate from the false assumption that shoppers come prepared with an idea of what they want or need. The reality is quite different, however, and retailers — fashion retailers in particular — lose out on untold profits through negligence and a lack of customer service skills. To address this problem in Dallas or Fort Worth, TX, or anywhere, for that matter, trust BJ Wilson and Company.

A Disturbing Trend

As shoppers, we’ve all had our expectations frustrated through a lack of customer service. A person walks into department store with an apparel need — say, a dress for an upcoming wedding — but no real idea of what to buy. She hopes that something will immediately grab her attention, but a sea of choices leaves her anxious and uncertain. Employees offer, at most, a disinterested “can I help you with something,” and direct the shopper to a general department she could have easily found on her own. Frustrated, she leaves the store empty-handed.

In this scenario, 90 percent of shoppers simply leave the store and take their money elsewhere. In an era of declining sales, retailers cannot afford this loss. More disturbingly, the same TimeTrade survey revealed that, if they had received knowledgeable assistance, 86 percent of those shoppers would have spent above their initial budget. The bottom line is simple: fashion retailers lose money simply because their salespeople lack customer service skills.

An Innovative Solution for Customer Service Skills

What’s behind this flight on the part of shoppers? Simple: today’s consumers expect more from retailers. Anyone can self-direct their shopping online; when it comes to in-person purchases, retailers must deliver a valuable shopping experience. Customers want knowledgeable salespeople to deliver personalized service through recommendations. In such a scenario, 93% of shoppers claim they would more likely make a purchase, while 90% state they would return for the service again and again.

BJ Wilson and Company provides a comprehensive training solution for fashion retailers who want to capitalize on these trends. Our training and retail education text don’t only instruct associates on customer service skills — they also provide the in-depth training and knowledge employees need to deliver one-on-one wardrobe consultations. The same TimeTrade survey identified 75% of shoppers who said they would happily schedule appointments for personalized service. In a struggling retail environment, fashion retailers cannot ignore such an obvious need.

With BJ Wilson and Company, fashion retailers can offer this service not only through appointments, but also on demand. Thanks to our comprehensive training, every customer who walks through your door can be treated to the same level of expert advice. As for the 86 percent who purchase more than they expected, consider this: BJ Wilson and Company trains employees to sell complete seasonal wardrobes, rather than individual pieces. Without this training, every underserved customer represents a whole season’s worth of lost purchases. Give your customers what they want, and satisfy their need for customer service skills in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, or anywhere: call BJ Wilson and Company today at 817-763-5081.

Employees equipped with first-rate customer service skills represent a necessity in today’s retail landscape . To learn more about what it takes to become or remain a successful fashion retailer, reach out to us at your convenience. To purchase our retail instructional text, The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide, visit Amazon. To learn more about the book or retail training, visit our website.

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