Denim Jean Trends for Spring 2020

Posted on March 26, 2020

Jeans have become a staple item in many people’s wardrobes, so it’s good to be up to date with the latest denim jean trends. During this transition to spring, jeans will be a ticket item to buy. Lucky for you, we are here to help make that easy for you. Our team has researched ato find the top 5 denim jean trends that people will be wearing this spring. We hope to make your jean shopping as easy and trendy as possible.

5 Denim Jean Trends for Spring:

Mom Jeans:

This trend is one that really values comfort and functionality. Whether or not you want high waist or very loose fitting, these are perfect for anyone. It’s no surprise that these are back in trend. Every year, we seem to bring back some pieces from a certain decade. The 80’s is one of the most popular recurrences.

Mom Jeans

A. Urban Outfitters - 80's Acid Wash High Waist Mom Jeans $50.40 - Shop Here
B. PTCL - Deconstructed Tapered Mom Jeans $45 - Shop Here
C. Topshop - Oversize High Waist Mom Jeans $58 - Shop Here
D.Topshop - Foldover Waist Crop Mom Jeans $80 - Shop Here

Straight Leg Jeans:

While super skinny jeans have been a trend in the past, it seems like we are moving towards looser fitting pants. Straight leg jeans are back again this season and they come in many forms. If you are looking for high waist, ripped, acid washed, or cropped, they have it! They also add on to the comfort trend coming to this spring, which is no surprise.

Straight leg denim jeans

A. MOTHER - The Dazzler Button Fly Ankle Straight Leg Jeans $186(25% off) - Shop Here
B. Levi's - Wedgie Straight Leg Crop Jeans $73.50(25% off) - Shop Here
C. Levi's - Wedgie High Waist Raw Hem Crop Straight Leg Jean $58.80(40% off) - Shop Here
D. 3x1 - Stevie High Rise Straight Leg Jeans $94 - Shop Here

Ripped Jeans:

Whether you are edgy or just looking for some leg air, ripped jeans are back in style. But, this year it’s a little different. Larger rips seem to be the new thing for jean wear. It’s stylish, different and cool. Experimenting with past trends and making them new is what makes them extraordinary. Although, some people have still kept the minor ripped jeans that they have had in their closet just for this moment, which is totally fine!

ripped denim jeans

A.Topshop - Ripped Jeans Dad Jeans $60-$80 - Shop Here
B. rag & bone - Dre Distressed Ankle Slim Boyfriend Jean $187.50 - Shop Here
C.Levi's - Wedgie Ripped Straight Leg Jeans $65.66 (33% off) - Shop Here 
D. Good American - Good Legs Ripped High Waist Ankle Skinny $175 - Shop Here

Bootcut Jeans:

Bootcut jeans are in! These jeans were actually inspired by sailors in the 1850’s! It’s crazy that these carried all the way to become a present trend. There are many different styles of boot cut jeans too. We found cropped, high waist, frayed and more. There’s a little something for everybody. So, Grab your boots or even your fanciest pair of heels, and grab yourself a pair of bootcut jeans for spring!

Boot cut denim jeans

A. AG - Angel Bootcut Jeans $161.25 - Shop Here 
B. J Brand - Runway High-Rise Bootcut Jeans $248 - Shop Here 
C. MOTHER - The Hustler High Waist Fray Hem Ankle Bootcut Jeans $198 - Shop Here
D. FRAME - Le Mini Bootcut Jeans $110 - Shop Here

Cropped Jeans:

First there were crop tops, then cropped sweaters and coats. So, it’s no surprise that now there are cropped jeans. This trend has been around in the past. But with the new season bringing in bermuda shorts, ripped jeans, and cropped items, this trend is more prevalent than ever. These are also very DIYable! If you have some old jeans that you wont wear, then just grab those scissors and crop them! No extra money has to even be spent.

cropped jean

A. AG Adriano Goldschmied - Jodi High Rise Slim Flare Cropped Jeans $94 - Shop Here
B. Levi's - Ripped High Waist Raw Edge Cropped Jeans $73.50(25% off) - Shop Here
C. FRAME - Le Crop Mini Boot Jeans $161.25 - Shop Here
D. MOTHER - The Tomcat Distressed Crop Jeans $183.75 - Shop Here


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