How to Develop Customer Loyalty

Posted on July 31, 2018

Customer ServiceWith so much competition in the world of retail, customer loyalty can make or break a business. Not only are repeat customers the greatest assets a retailer has, they can also generate new business through positive recommendations. Social media and review websites like Yelp have created a whole new level of meaning for the phrase “word of mouth,” and wise retailers know how to generate a positive impression. In order to create heightened customer loyalty, retailers should focus their efforts on three key areas. To learn more about how to develop customer loyalty in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, give us a call today at 817-763-5081.

Generate Customer Loyalty with Unparalleled Service

This should qualify as a no-brainer, but many retailers rely too much on the strength of their products and marketing, and fail to capitalize on the benefits of stellar customer service. The primary way to generate customer loyalty is to make a customer feel valued. Salespeople who show genuine interest in customers’ wants and needs — rather than simply their money — create a foundation of trust that can evolve into a long-term relationship. Excellent customer service can often trump a lower price-point, and generates word-of-mouth esteem in a way that clearance sales cannot. Always ensure that customers have a clear avenue for communication, whether via in-store employees, email, or phone.

Place Employees on Career Track

Employees who receive stellar treatment from management often pass along a positive attitude to customers. If you treat your employees right, they are more likely to value your business and work hard for your success. On the obverse, employees who feel expendable or disrespected create an unpleasant atmosphere for customers. A phenomenal way to make your employees feel valued is to place them on a career track. BJ Wilson and Company makes this easy for fashion retailers, as it teaches sales associates the skills they need to construct stylish, complementary wardrobes. If you invest in education that gives your employees lifelong skills, they will often repay you with a lifetime of loyalty.

Provide a Singular Product

In today’s world of consumer goods, customers can choose between a vast array of retailers that stock the same items. Online retailers offer additional competition, and brick-and-mortars must struggle to differentiate themselves, or vanish in sea of similar faces. Retailers that offer a one-of-a-kind experience — in addition to competitive prices — stand out in the eyes of consumers. For example, fashion retailers who institute BJ Wilson and Company’s comprehensive training can deliver personalized wardrobe consultations to each and every customer. In this way, customers feel as if they’re paying not just for apparel, but also for your employees’ expertise.

To learn more about how to develop customer loyalty in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, call 817-763-5081 for the experts at BJ Wilson and Company. To learn more about our instructional text, The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide, visit BJ’s website. To place bulk orders for the book, click here. You may also purchase individual copies on Amazon.


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