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Posted on August 25, 2018

Fashion World

Between Facebook, Instagram, Lookbook, Pinterest and many other social media sites, it’s become easy for style-conscious individuals to immerse themselves in the fashion world. Many people who dream of making the leap from social media to a fashion career have no understanding of the range of pathways open to them. While fashion designers grab the headlines, other careers have just as much viability in the fashion world. The one that a person chooses depends not only on personal preference, but also on ability and talent.

Retail Fashion Career

Fashion retail is a broad field with several different specialized career paths. Designers must work with fashion merchandisers to get their lines into stores. Fashion merchandising is an umbrella field that includes retail managers, buyers, and sales and marketing reps. A buyer chooses which items to stock for an upcoming season. Buyers need comprehensive knowledge of lines and trends, and also a keen sense of what customers want. Sales associates work the front lines at fashion retailers. With training such as that offered by BJ Wilson & Company, sales associates can become wardrobe experts qualified to consult on complete wardrobes. Those with a talent for social media could consider a career in fashion marketing. Lastly, a retail manager benefits from experience in each of these fields to oversee the daily activities of a retailer. Regardless of which of these appeals to you, many fashion schools now offer comprehensive degrees in Fashion Merchandising.

Production Management

Production managers work side-by-side with designers to translate sketches and prototypes into finished apparel. If you have a good eye for textiles and have the ability to multi-task, production management allows for front-line work at the center of the fashion world. Production managers bridge the divide between designers and retailers, and work with material suppliers to ensure that orders make it to stores. The amount of influence that production managers wield also allows them to contribute to a community’s economic health — through the use of local manufacturers — and ecologically-friendly manufacturing techniques.

Visual Presentation

Visual presenters, also called stylists, are who make the fashion world fashionable. No apparel looks good if worn improperly, and every designer benefits from the right visual presentation. Some stylists, such as Rachel Zoe, even achieve a level of fame comparable to top-tier designers. Stylists should have theatrical and artistic flair, exceptional people skills and, of course, a killer sense of fashion.

Public Relations and Journalism

Do you love to write about fashion? Many fashion journalists and public relations representatives get their start as fashion bloggers. PR reps connect the dots between designers, retailers and consumers, and work hand-in-hand with journalists to make sure the fashion world stays connected and informed. While no specialized education is required, many fashion writers have backgrounds in communications or creative writing.

Image Consultant

An image consultant works directly with clients in the design of flattering wardrobes. Of all the careers described above, image consulting provides the most freedom for a future career, and requires the most fashion-related knowledge. In addition to an understanding of how to build wardrobes, an image consultant must have mastery over all fashion fundamentals. He or she must also have superior customer service skills, along with the ability to run a business. At BJ Wilson & Company, we are premier image consultants. For those interested in a fashion career in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX, we offer a full training program. To learn more about this exceptional fashion career, give us a call at 817-763-5081.

A first-rate retail education is indispensable for a fashion career. To learn more about what it takes to become an image consultant, or how to succeed in the world of fashion retail, reach out to us at your convenience. To purchase our retail instructional text, The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide, visit Amazon. To purchase our book on the art of image consulting, An Expert’s Guide to Fashion Styling, visit our website.

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