Guide to Buying Swimwear: The Right Suit for Your Body

Posted on June 6, 2019

That dreaded moment that many women fear is upon us… swimsuit shopping. Yes, we know your pain. The struggle. How the harsh lighting in those fitting rooms only emphasizes how little we have been out in the sun because of all the rain this spring. We know all too well how overly critical we can be towards ourselves and our bodies. But hopefully, this year, with our guide to buying swimwear we can help you silence that critical voice in your head. Finding a swimsuit that feels flattering on will help!

The trick to finding the right suit is the same trick to finding the perfect dress, it all starts with knowing your body shape. First, we want to stress that your body is beach-ready just the way it is, no matter the shape, don’t forget that. But emphasizing here, hiding there, knowing what and where to pad, what to ruche and what to ruffle can make you feel even more confident in your swimsuit by accentuating your best features.

We have included a couple of our favorite styles within each category, but for more summer shopping inspiration, be sure to check in with our weekly curated outfits on the online shopping section of our website. We new seasonal outfits every week ready for you to shop each week. With summer right around the corner, get ready for even more chic swimwear and summer-ready looks coming your way!

Small Bust

Guide to Buying Swimwear

While simply putting padding in a top could do the trick, sometimes that creates a look that is not very flattering. Finding a suit with an embellished top, ruffles or other 3D details will create the illusion of more curves up top. Plunging necklines and lace-up details are something only you can wear easily, so embrace it!

Large Bust

Guide to Buying Swimwear

The struggle is real my friends. First and foremost, the best advice for large busts is to buy a suit with cup sizes rather than a suit that one that comes in sizes S, M, L. Yes, you will likely pay more, but it is worth it for the extra support and coverage. Underwires help to add the extra lift and halter necklines are great for keeping the girls up and contained.

Tummy Concealing

Guide to Buying Swimwear

Probably the most common area of concern in swimwear is the tummy. If you are still a fan of the two-piece, don’t let any insecurities about your midsection stop you. A retro high-waisted bottom allows you to show a little midriff and still be comfortable (check out some of our full coverage bottoms below). If you can find a suit with a wrapped or ruched waist, this can also be a flattering cut and help to distract the eye. In a one-piece, look for suits with side-ruching or an all-over print to camouflage the tummy.

Large Booty

Guide to Buying Swimwear

Ladies with a booty, the string bikini sadly is not your BFF due to the extremely minimal coverage. However, it’s 2019 and the bare bottom look is totally in style, so if that’s your aesthetic, go for it! But for those ladies looking to conceal their rear, look for suits with a fuller coverage bottom or even a swim skirt.  If you are going for a two-piece, opt for a medium rise, full coverage bikini style bottom rather than a high waist which tends to emphasize the bottom even more.

Small Bust & Hips

Guide to Buying Swimwear

If you have more of an athletic body shape, you will want to look for suits that give the illusion of curves. Padded tops, floral prints, ruffles, and cut-out sides work well for you. Avoid bandeau tops that exaggerate the flatness, and opt for a sweetheart style to add amp up the bust-line cleavage. A string bikini or high-waisted bottom can help taper your middle and give the illusion of curves where there is not any.


Guide to Buying Swimwear

If there is a little definition in your waist, no big deal, we just need to create some! Suits with an empire waist that emphasizes the smallest part of you are perfect for your body shape. A deep v-neckline elongates the body and draws the eye upward to the face instead. Lastly, a suit with a wrap style can give the illusion of that oh-so-coveted hourglass shape.

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