How Fashion Retailers Can Improve Customer Service

Posted on June 19, 2018

How to Improve Customer ServiceIn today’s retail marketplace, it has become all the more important for retailers to distinguish themselves from the competition and learn how to improve customer service. All shoppers, regardless of socio-economic status or age, appreciate specialized services and personal attention. Through a combination of customer-centric sales and savvy promotions, retailers can achieve immediate success and set themselves up for rich dividends down the road.

Clearance Sales: Pros and Cons

Most fashion retailers emphasize end-of-season clearance sales to lure shoppers and move stagnant apparel. On the plus side, clearance sale discounts can bring in shoppers who are otherwise fatigued or overextended. Clearance sales also provide an opportunity to recoup loss from apparel that failed to sell. Unfortunately, many of these are seasonal items, such as heavy coats, which occupy a higher price point. The designs themselves may already feel dated and have limited sales appeal, as popular trends rarely survive into clearance season. Shoppers who snag a bargain may also regret their purchase later and, rightly or wrongly, associate the retailer with the irksome item.

Offer Wardrobe Consultations

In addition to bargain shopping, the end of a season stands as a perfect time for shoppers to reevaluate their wardrobes and prune outdated, worn, or unnecessary apparel. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve customer service, this represents a prime opportunity. Retailers can take advantage of this tendency among customers — and set themselves apart from the competition — through in-store wardrobe consultations. Trained sales associates can work with shoppers to identify specific clearance items that integrate with a preexisting wardrobe, and suggest clothing tips in line with a shopper’s preferences, lifestyle, and body shape. Many shoppers expect salespeople to push apparel regardless of appropriateness. Trained associates, such as those who have completed training from BJ Wilson and Company, can win long-term customer loyalty through individualized service.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Trained sales associates who understand customers’ wardrobes can count on repeat sales and the opportunity to move complete wardrobes during the revenue-heavy months of Spring and Fall. A customer who experiences a one-on-one consultation with an in-store sales associate can expect solid advice for updated pieces throughout the year. Customers may arrive at the store in January looking for a discounted coat; but they will leave with an experience sure to bring them back again and again. As an added bonus, astute retailers can query their trained associates in advance of clearance season, and possibly move targeted merchandise to individual customers whose wardrobes can best accommodate the items.

To learn more about strategies such as these, and find guidance on how to improve customer service, visit Amazon to purchase a copy of The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical GuideTo learn more about the book, click here. For questions or inquiries about how to improve customer service in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, call 817-763-5081 today.

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