How to Fashionably Survive the Heat

Posted on June 13, 2019

Texas is arguably one of the hottest locations in the entire United States during the summer months. Not only are our temperatures through the roof, but the humidity is also through the roof. Combine the high temperatures with high humidity and we have this oh-so-familiar hot and sticky full-body feeling we have all experienced at some time or another. This can be a brutal combination of elements, but we handle anything for a few months, right?! This year, we’ve prepared a guide to help you endure the hot, hot, hot months ahead. The right fabrics and colors in your summer wardrobe will make all the difference, trust us!

Help Me, I’m Hot!

So what’s a gal to wear when she is hot, sweaty and when all of the soft, silky summer fabrics become one with her skin as soon as she sits down?! We’ve discussed this amongst ourselves, and we have some ideas! We came up with three awesome tips for surviving the summer heat in Texas, or wherever else you may be burning up. Keep reading to check out our expert advice for your summer wardrobe!

Tip #1 – Catch a breeze

Anything flowy is going to be your best friend. Yes, we love denim cut-offs and shorts, but often times these thicker fabrics make us run hot and arent the *most* breathable. And if you’ve ever been in denim saturated with sweat, you know, that’s not the most pleasant. That’s why during the summer months, we opt for skirts, dresses, and any other free and flowy silhouettes that let the air in.

Another bonus of flowier silhouettes is that they will dry quicker than thicker, more structured fabrics. Ladies who are extra sweaty, rejoice! We have found your summer solution.

Tip #2 – Ditch the Dark & Lighten Up the Fabric

It’s well known that grey is the sworn enemy of sweaty summer bodies, but there are other colors to avoid as well. Darker hues draw more heat, so sticking to lighter colors that don’t absorb as much thermal energy will help keep you cool. White, yellow, pinks – really any color as long as it’s in a lighter hue works!

Also, as the temperatures rise, it will become increasingly important to find breathable, lightweight fabrics to wear. It’s wise to avoid a lot of synthetic fibers and instead opt for breezy cotton, a cotton blend or linen.

Tip #3 – Conceal the sweat with a Print

Lighter colors can help hide sweat, but the #1 best way to conceal a hot, sweaty body is with a print. A good print is the best camouflage sweat stains. Printed tops, printed bottoms, skirts, dresses and more! We are fans of anything printed to help camouflage us through the summer.

Choosing a print in a lighter color with a lighter weight fabric will help keep things breathing and airy!

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