How to Pack Like A Pro for Your Next Vacation

Posted on May 16, 2019

Summer is synonymous with vacations and we at BJ Wilson & Company believe that all vacations should be fun, memorable and carefree experiences. We also know that nothing can suck the fun right out of the future vacation faster than feeling chaotic when it’s time to finally pack. Not knowing what to bring can make you feel frustrated or in extreme cases, make you dread the upcoming trip. If you can relate, know that you aren’t alone and that we can help. This week, we’re going to teach our top 3 tips on packing like a pro for your next vacay.

Advice from the Experts

Of all the stressful things in life we have to deal with in life, packing should not be one of them. The tendency for most of us, even for weekend trips, is to way overpack, you know, just in case. Raise your hand if you’ve ever fallen prey to the classic packing blunder. *sea of hands raise* If you can relate, know that you aren’t alone and that we can help. Packing can be overwhelming, but we have a method that actually works.

Our stylists have collectively chosen the three of the best pieces of advice we have from our over 30 years of experience itinerary packing for our clients’ various trips and vacations. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure if you follow these tips and we promise you’ll thank us later!

Tip #1 Stick to a Color Scheme

How To Pack Like A Pro

See how easily everything coordinates with a cohesive color scheme?

The number one way to ensure easy and minimal packing is by sticking to a color scheme. If you have been keeping up with our posts, you’ve undoubtedly seen us write about the importance of color schemes. Color schemes help you create a functional wardrobe that easily coordinates.

When packing for your trip, stick to just a few colors that play well together. First, decide what basics to bring. You choose your basic by seeing what colored basics predominantly make up your wardrobe. For most of us, it’s black, white/cream, navy, or browns.

How to work the color scheme: If it is a business trip, perhaps you bring navy basics, a pair of pants or skirt as the main staple piece. From there, you could pair the bottoms with a polka dot printed blouse for one day and a floral printed one the next.  Choose heels or accessories that tie back with navy and both blouses for easy coordination. Minimal items = minimal effort dressing.

Being conscientious of your color scheme helps to prevent overpacking, and helps you to easily create outfits when you are actually on your trip. Bringing a million different options to your destination just opens the door to frustration and not knowing what to wear once you arrive. Vacations should be spent having fun, not deciding what to wear! 

Tip #2 What’s the Itinerary?

What will you be doing on this vacation? Is it for pleasure? Business? Wining and Dining? Laying on the beach? Hiking or other active excursions? If you have activities planned for your trip, know that it will affect what you need to bring with you. Fully understanding the different clothing categories is crucial for mastering itinerary packing. For instance, if you are planning an active, adventurous vacation, you most likely will not be needing several different pairs of heels and fancy evening wear. Just as if you were going somewhere for business, it wouldn’t be necessary to bring your swimsuit and cutoffs.

If you have a unique itinerary during the daytime or for certain evenings of your trip, it is important to plan accordingly for those events. Making sure that you have the right clothing, shoes, and accessories for the activities will help alleviate stress once you arrive. This also helps eliminate those ‘but what if…’ outfit options we often end up packing.  Once you figure out exactly the type of clothing you’ll be needing, make sure you can keep it within a tight color scheme to help preserve the effortlessness of dressing.

Tip #3 Check the Weather

Last but not least, what is the weather like at your final destination? Is it warm, cool, wet, dry, windy? All of these variables call for different shoes and outerwear. After investigating the weather of your vacation spot, you’ll have a much better idea of what the appropriate dress will be.

Simply taking the weather into consideration when going over your itinerary and color scheme will help ensure you have what you need, rain or shine. Checking the weather also gives you the opportunity to pack those little save-the-day items like a travel poncho, mini umbrella, sunhat or windbreaker.

Still Feeling Overwhelmed?

Let us take care of the packing for you! Just give us the itinerary, destination location and answer a few simple questions about your trip and we will completely take care of the rest. Seriously. Whether you’re packing for just you or a family of five (moms, we know how that goes) we can help you pack efficiently, minimally and guarantee that is will be EASY choosing what to wear once you arrive.

Read about our itinerary/travel packing services here or contact us today to schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our stylists to discuss your travel wardrobe needs. We can’t wait to help make your summer vacation memories even more special!

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