How BJ Wilson Unlocked the Mystery of Fashion Retail

Posted on July 17, 2018

Fashion Retail SuccessThe culture of retail is changing, and it’s changing everyday. This includes our beautiful world of fashion retail. E-commerce has dramatically shifted the way consumers shop, and we need to embrace this new way of thinking to be successful in a new normal. Customers now expect a whole new level of service from brick-and-mortar retailers. Gone are the days that retailers could rely purely on products to guarantee sales. Customers who only want an outfit can shop online. Those who choose to visit a store expect a personalized, dynamic experience and stellar customer service.

BJ Wilson has discovered the secret to success in the new world of fashion. Through her book, The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide, and training, she can now share this secret with retailers. This remarkable book focuses on the heart of any retail enterprise: the customer.  Readers are presented with a comprehensive guide on the fundamentals of exceptional customer service, fashion knowledge, and new skills for customer interactions. This book focuses on the significant benefits achieved through seasonal sales and in-store wardrobe planning. In the world of fashion retail, it all begins with an engaged staff armed with robust product knowledge, smart personal style, and exceptional customer service

Problems as Opportunities

Savvy professionals should consider the problems that afflict fashion retail retail as opportunities. This is how industry expert BJ Wilson can help you succeed in this dynamic, ever-changing industry. Her proven process provides “up-and-coming” fashion professionals with powerful tools to unlock the secrets to a successful career in the fashion industry.  She can also help retailers develop the customer relationships that lead to long-term sales and increased units-per-transaction (UPT). This is fashion education like no other, and will teach you step-by-step how to launch or sustain a career in fashion retail, and stay ahead of the online competition. Here are some of the changes that BJ Wilson can help you navigate.

Declining Sales: Sales and traffic have declined at brick-and-mortar retailers for the past two years. Store closures have been rampant, as unprepared retailers lack the knowledge and training to navigate changing trends in buyer behavior and a new retail landscape. Sales have shifted dramatically from department stores and boutiques to online vendors. Consumers who continue to visit stores are spending money for an experience, rather than solely for goods. Retailers who cannot adequately serve customers, or those that lack proper seasonal planning, will suffer from high markdowns of merchandise and inventory saturation.

A New Experience: Consumers are looking for an unforgettable experience, more than just products in a store. A retailer has got to be much more than a place to simply acquire merchandise.  It also must help people and enrich their lives. If a store simply fulfills a product need, it’s not creating a new type of value for the customer. It simply completes a transaction, something any online retailer can accomplish. If a store can provide shoppers with personalized service and an optimized shopping experience, however, it has differentiated itself from the competition.

Embracing A New Generation: Millennials constantly use social media, websites, and other online resources to research products and services before they make a purchase. Adapting to this new culture and finding retail solutions that offer a solid balance between online convenience and the personalized experience of a brick-and-mortar will set the new standard for a successful fashion business. 

The Way to Fashion Retail Success

Stores that succeed in these areas will survive and thrive in the new retail era. At the end of the day, trained and knowledgeable staff members are the key! Big box stores and online, e-commerce giants have no personalized service with apparel, while stores with trained and knowledgeable “fashion experts”  and staff are increasingly the destination of choice for shoppers.

Learn more about The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide on BJ’s website. To place bulk orders for the book, click here. You may also purchase individual copies on Amazon.

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