3 Ways to Make your Wardrobe Bold

Posted on February 27, 2020

Now that all of the spring and summer trends for this year are out, you may be wondering “what now?” We want to help you spice up your life and your wardrobe this season. Since being bold is what this year is about, we want you to be ready to step out of your comfort zone. We have put together some easy ways to be make your wardrobe big and bold this season.

3 Ways to Make your Wardrobe Bold:

1. Out with the old, in with the new.

“Spring cleaning” is typically something people do to their closets every now and again. This is when you deep clean your closet and get rid of old clothes that are so last season. This is what we recommend doing to make your closet bold. Going through your entire wardrobe to get rid of the things you never wear anymore to bring in new clothes can be refreshing. It makes room for all the new and exciting trends coming this spring and summer season. You might be surprised how much this can open you up to many different patterns, colors, and styles.

2. A bold new start

This season, try to broaden your horizon and purchase clothes that might be out of your comfort zone. When you go to the store, try on something that you wouldn’t usually wear. You might be surprised by what you find. If the polka dot trend isn’t your thing, maybe try the colored leather trend instead or vice versa. A little change can boost up your confidence more than you may realize. They say to go big or go home, but in this case, we think it’s important to pace yourself. If you are just starting out with bolder fashions, take it step by step. Start with a statement piece then as you go along, keep getting bigger and bigger with it. The if you realize it’s not really your thing early on, it will be easier to revert back to your norm.

3. Hire a personal shopper

Not to toot our own horn, but here at BJ Wilson and Company, we are the perfect pick to help you with your personal styling needs. If you aren’t sure how to start changing up your wardrobe, you can call us to get you someone to go out and shop for you! We can take a deep look on what colors and styles will look perfect for you and get you what you need. We can also look through your closet to see what you already have that would be perfect for the season. Find our more here! or Sign up for your first FREE 30 minute consultation with one of our style experts.

This season is all about bold patterns, colors, and styles. By stepping out of your comfort zone, you can create a strong sense of confidence and uniqueness. We can’t wait for this spring and summer and we hope you feel that way too!


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