The Value of Retail Branding

Posted on September 2, 2018

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Retail Branding Is an Indispensable Element of Success for a Fashion Retailer.

What hallmarks distinguish the most valuable brands in the world? Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google set the gold-standard in regards to retail branding; they also happen to share some remarkably similar characteristics. As a fashion retailer, you might not be able to dominate the public consciousness in a manner similar to Apple, but you can adapt some of their tactics to increase the effectiveness of retail branding.

Brand Promise

No retailer can predict the pitfalls of the market and unexpected downturns. A brand’s promise carries it through the lean times, as customers’ faith in a product overrides dampening factors. Apple’s retail branding allowed it to weather the transition between iconic founder Steve Jobs and his replacement CEO, Tim Cook. A fashion retailer that sets a clear standard for excellence — and achieves it through exceptional customer service — will always stand above the competition. Even if caught on the wrong side of a fad, or found vulnerable due to other conditions, a retailer can rely upon its reputation to see it through to better days.

At BJ Wilson & Company, we show fashion retailers how to craft an excellent reputation. It all comes back to exceptional customer service — a promise that we can show you how to keep.

Lead a Retail Branding Revolution

Valuable brands do not simply stand above their competitors; they set new standards across the industry as a whole. It’s become typical for fashion retailers to deemphasize employee expertise on the assumption that customers already know what they want. In reality, most people only have a vague idea of what flattering dress means for them, and have no conception of how to build a complete seasonal wardrobe. Instead of joining the race to the bottom — defined through endless clearance sales and repetitive promotions — astute retailers should emphasize the value of fashion expertise. BJ Wilson and Company’s advanced retail training can transform salespeople into certified wardrobe experts. Customers can find clearance sales anywhere; what they cannot find are knowledgeable experts that revolutionize the way they shop for clothes.

Research and Development

Valuable brands never sit on their haunches, content with previous success. To maintain value, a fashion retailer must constantly develop and find new ways to become even more remarkable. A revolution in customer service can begin small, with an emphasis on essentials. From there, retailers can develop one-on-one, personalized service through in-store wardrobe consultations as a component of retail branding. Once established, this practice leads to the development of customer loyalty, as individuals return each season to receive the same service again and again. At BJ Wilson & Company, we lead fashion retailers through every step of this process. Once established, our training evolves along with you, with regular updates to keep pace with industry changes.

Ready to stand apart? Make your brand valuable. At BJ Wilson & Company, we make it easy. Employees equipped with first-rate knowledge and skills are a requirement for today’s retailers. To learn more about how to pursue effective retail branding, reach out to us at your convenience. To purchase our retail instructional text, The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide, visit Amazon. To learn more about the book or retail training, visit our website.

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