Three Habits of Successful Retailers

Posted on May 16, 2018


Retail StrategiesSuccessful retailers, whether they sell coffee, cars, or clothing, tend to share three common retail strategies. These institutional habits, deeply embedded in the retailers’ corporate identities, trickle down to daily operations through management and to the front line sales employees. All retailers, both established and new, can benefit from adherence to these principles of success. Need some help with implementation? For fashion retailers, BJ Wilson and Company makes it easier than you might think.

Treat Employees Like Partners

Also referred to as “strategic alliances,” employee partnerships underlay the most successful retail sales strategies. The rationale is simple: employees invested in a retailer’s success have more motivation to connect with and sell to customers. In order to create this dynamic, a retailer needs simply to manufacture a win-win scenario between themselves and their employees. In essence: higher sales should lead to direct and impactful benefits for salespeople.

Fashion retailers can reward top salespeople through commissions. This tactic, as old as retail itself, is hardly groundbreaking; BJ Wilson and Company can revolutionize its implementation, however, through training that empowers salespeople to sell more than ever before. Instead of individual pieces of apparel, employees will learn how to sell complete, seasonal wardrobes. Retailers who benefit from this practice can share profits with their salespeople — through private wardrobe consultation fees, or a straight commission percentage.

Ways of Being

Retailers should strive to create a positive experience for customers. The simplest way to accomplish this is to create a positive environment through five key ways of being. The ways of being influence not only how employees relate to customers, but also how they relate to one another and management. Though seemingly obvious, together they render a profound effect, and create a sales environment more conducive for success.

In order to have a store that customers wish to return to, retailers should always be welcoming. Salespeople, through pleasant behavior, can manufacture the inviting encounters that lead to sales. This means nothing, however, unless the same salesperson can be genuine. Customers can readily identify insincerity, so retailers should strive to hire employees with a genuine interest in the goods they sell. All team partners should also be considerate. Towards customers, this could simply mean open communication in regard to their needs.

Be knowledgeable describes a required skill among top-notch salespeople; customers respond to expert advice and service, and spend more as a result. Lastly, retailers should always be involved in the lives of customers. With our book, The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide, retailers can give employees the skills to develop mutual trust and one-on-one relationships with customers. When the customer has an apparel need, they will turn to the retailer they trust: the one that has invested in the development of its employees.

Retail Strategies – It All Matters

The final common practice can be summed up in a simple phrase: retail’s all about the details. Successful retailers showcase consistency with their best practices, including the treatment of employees and ways of being. In order to achieve optimal consistency, a retailer should invest in a stable and reliable form of employee development. For fashion retailers, the choice should be simple: BJ Wilson and Company, whose customized training and books cater to the requirements of retail success.

To learn more about our retail sales training, visit Amazon to purchase a copy of The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide. To learn more about the book, click here. For questions or inquiries about retail strategies  in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, along with the entire Metroplex and selected cities around the state, call 817-763-5081 today.

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