What Fashion-Conscious Customers Really Want

Posted on May 29, 2018

Fashion AdviceAs a retailer, have you ever wondered how to take best advantage of your employees’ love for fashion? BJ Wilson and Company has everything retailers need to transform employees into wardrobe experts! Most customers also love fashion, and this inspires their love of shopping. As a personal interest, fashion becomes even more compelling when shared with others. If your salespeople have the skills and knowledge to offer fashion advice, then you can reap the dividends from higher sales.

Everyone has experienced the fun of playing dress-up, and it’s common to bring along a friend when you’re shopping for an outfit. With books and training from BJ Wilson and Company, your employees learn how to fill this role with customers to accomplish much more than the sale of individual pieces of apparel. In fact, once your employees learn how to create complete, seasonal wardrobes, customers will return time and again to update their entire closet.

The Fashion Advice Customers Want

Putting together a complete and stylish wardrobe is both intimidating and difficult for many shoppers. Shoppers will purchase individual pieces that catch their eye, and then struggle to integrate the pieces into a complete look. As such, shoppers may become frustrated and disillusioned, which can affect shopping habits over time. With training from BJ Wilson and Company, your employees gain the skills to help shoppers overcome wardrobe difficulties. In addition to making sales, employees educate customers on which wardrobe choices flatter their body types. Many people persist in false ideas over what looks good on them, or what defines “appropriate” attire. This can negatively impact a person’s self-image and undermine their best intentions. In helping someone find the right clothes for the right season, your employees can help solve customers’ personal image problems. Our proven sales approach provides a valuable service that customers will want again and again, season after season.

How Does it Work?

Our books and training progress through the basic principles of customer service in a retail environment, on to employees’ actions on the sales floor. Full-timers, part-timers, people returning to the workforce, or those right out of college will all benefit from the in-depth knowledge that we provide. BJ Wilson and Company takes your employees on a journey that will leave them prepared for excellence in the retail world. Development stresses the importance of product knowledge, but also include instruction on personal presentation, behavior, and body language, and how to set individual sales goals.

For retailers, repeat customers are the foundation of a healthy business. BJ Wilson and Company gives your employees the communication skills they need to craft solid customer relationships. In addition to sales techniques, your employees will learn how to ask questions, listen to customers’ needs, and overcome hesitancies to close sales time and again. To learn more about our retail solutions, visit Amazon to purchase a copy of The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying & Selling for Retail: A Workbook and Practical Guide. To learn more about the book, click here. For questions or inquiries about how to provide better fashion advice in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, call 817-763-5081 today.

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