First impressions matter. Your appearance, hair, wardrobe, grooming, and makeup are as important as your smile. When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in both business and social relationships. Whether you are changing jobs, divorced, single, or in need of a general self-image improvement, you have come to the right place.

Image consulting helps to develop the confidence to dress with style and embrace your individuality. You will learn how to dress well consistently and take pride in your image and personal appearance while gaining confidence along the way. This added confidence will allow you to express yourself with your new professional and stylish looks that are custom tailored to your career, lifestyle, and personality.

The BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process™ is a unique method of wardrobe management; the process is based on a functional wardrobe for each of the four seasons. The process demonstrates a high level of expertise in image makeovers that allow us to transform your look in a short period of time. There are many key pieces of style knowledge you will gain from our image consultants that will create a lifelong understanding of what to wear and what to avoid. You will be poised, stylish and ready to conquer the world with your new image!

Getting Started

It’s important to think about where you want to go with your image and what’s holding you back. Is now the time to hire a consultant? What do you want to accomplish with your personal consultation?

BJ Wilson and Company offers a free initial 30-minute phone consultation. (for new clients only). During the consultation, the image consultant will discuss with you, your image, wardrobe goals, preference, and lifestyle. She will ask questions, access your current style and offer makeover advice and recommend the services that will fit your wardrobe needs. (Some clients need more than one service).


A CLOSET MAKEOVER – Your personal stylist will evaluate, organize separate by season, design a customized wardrobe plan and create a shopping list.

PERSONAL SHOPPING – You have options your personal shopper can pre-shop, personal shop with you, or shop and deliver items to you for your approval. She will handle all return and alterations.

PERSONAL STYLING – Follow up appointment occurs after your closet makeover and personal shopping is complete. Your personal stylist will present your new items based on the specifics of your shopping list, conduct a professional fitting, determine if any alterations are needed, determine which items to be kept, and which need to be returned or exchanged. A final appointment may not be necessary.

COORDINATING, DIGITAL FASHION SHOOT– Your personal stylist will layout and photograph the new outfits that she coordinated just for you. You will receive a photo album in electronic or a physical lookbook.

SHOP YOUR CLOSET– Our personal stylist will come to your home and coordinate outfits out of what you already own this service includes a digital fashion shoot.

SPECIAL EVENT STYLING – Our personal shopper will shop for all your special events! Whether it’s a European vacation, a professional event, a social gala or prom.

TRAVEL ITINERARY AND PACKING – Our personal stylist will review your travel itinerary, coordinate a travel wardrobe based on your destination, activities and special needs. This service includes a photo shoot and your own personal photo album.

GIFT CERTIFICATES – Gift certificates are available for all of our fashion consulting services.


WARDROBE CONSULTING FOR MEN – Our personal stylist will organize his closet, design a wardrobe plan and create a shopping list and will personal shop.

PERSONAL GIFT BUYING – Our expert personal shoppers will select the perfect gift for all your gift buying needs, gift wrap, and deliver.

Get started today! Contact us with your name, phone number, and the best time for our image professionals to reach you.

Let us help you “create a visual identity that opens doors.”