“Working with BJ Wilson & Company was great. I must say I was worried about letting them into my closets, which had over 30 years of clothes. Kalen & Bobbie & Bj made it a very easy & pleasant experience. I love walking into my closet & have outfits ready to go. The pictures Kalen took to coordinate my outfits make it easy to dress & go. Did I mention their shopping service? Made it very easy to shop when they bring everything to me. They stayed within the budget I gave them & shopped smart taking advantage of great sales. I really enjoy the compliments I’ve been receiving while wearing my new outfits. Can’t wait till their Spring visit. I would highly recommend letting them into your closet.”
–Jennifer B., Colleyville, TX

“Nervous? Yes. Satisfied? Absolutely! As someone who is busy with work and family, I thought I was fairly wardrobe savvy and organized until my experience with Kalen and BJ opened my eyes to how much simpler and more effective I could be! The process was a little nerve wracking at first – I had to relinquish control of my closet which is so hard if you are as OCD as I am! But once I understood the method and goal, I knew I was in for a treat! We sorted, we discarded, we reorganized and then I was treated with Christmas in September – a few amazing key wardrobe items to pull together my fractured and disjointed collection of clothing! I love how creative I can still be with my wardrobe but I can do it with fewer, more effective pieces. Most importantly, I still have my own unique style and love when people compliment me on my new “style”. Former skeptic? Yes. True believer? Absolutely!”
–Kristi M., Fort Worth, TX

“Thank you again for all your beautiful selections. You have made pregnancy much more glamorous!”
–Tara C., Fort Worth, TX

“A friend recommended BJ Wilson and Co. after hearing BJ speak at an event. I love clothes and love to shop and although my closet was full it seemed like I could never find anything to wear. I wanted to be able to walk in my closet and not have to think about what outfit to wear. Kalen came in and reorganized and gently suggested some items be donated.  She did some shopping for me and she picked out items that will coordinate with each other. She photographed each outfit and even picked out the outfits for an upcoming trip. This is the best gift I have ever given myself.”
–Debbie R., Colleyville, TX

“My first professional encounter with B J Wilson Pease’s amazing talent was several years ago when my husband and I were booked on a luxury cruise with a group of friends. My real estate business was demanding ALL of my time. I had lots of business clothes but few sharp casual clothes. My husband kept asking me when I was going to consider what to pack and wear on the cruise. Finally he decided to take over. My husband knew BJ professionally and contacted her with our itinerary. I had met BJ a few times so she knew my size and body type. Two big fabulous boxes arrived at my house with casual clothes, swimsuits and cover-ups, evening clothes, etc. Each ensemble had shoes and accessories! (Of course some had multiple uses.) Each shipboard event had a detailed list of what to wear! I have never had more fun nor received more compliments!”

“The first time BJ came to my closet her pile of clothes to be sent to the consignment store was shoulder high! I had a few strong “loss of treasured garments” emotions. However, it was so easy to dress after all the surplus clothes were removed. I had fewer clothes but more choices! Of course, BJ and her associates had enhanced my wardrobe with exciting new clothes, shoes, and accessories. The new items and existing items were beautifully integrated by BJ and her team. Dressing is faster easier and better!”
–A Central Texas Fan