Spring Denim Trends Report

Posted on March 28, 2019

Denim is a heavily used fabric in many people’s wardrobes season to season. But now that Spring is officially here, it’s time to put away your dark washes and black skinny jeans until Fall and welcome lighter colors and fresher silhouettes into the mix. Our stylists got together and created a list of our Top 5 Spring Denim Trends just for our readers.

This year, it’s never been easier to make one of the most tried and true wardrobe staples, denim, to feel new and exciting! 

Trending Denim

With so many denim trends, it’s difficult to narrow it down and decide which style to welcome into your new season’s wardrobe. Although some of these trends aren’t for everyone, there is at least one trend that will work for most people. We’ve broken down the top denim trends for Spring below – continue reading to see our expert styling advice on how to turn these denim pieces into complete and effortless outfits.

Two-Toned Jeans

Spring Denim Trend

We had seen the start of the two-toned jean trends several seasons ago, but we are now seeing this look being carried forward into the new Spring season. Instead of the darker styles we’ve seen in seasons’ past, go with a lighter, springier option like these. We love this paneled look. It adds a little excitement to classic denim.

Dress them up with heels or down with flats or sneakers. We love the versatility of this denim trend. Alice + Olivia’s spring collection has a lot of really awesome two-toned denim pieces (like this skirt and the jeans second from left!)


Spring Denim Trend

The denim jumpsuit is taking a blue-collar turn with the coverall/boiler suit trend taking over the fashion world. This is a denim trend that is not necessarily the *most* flattering on everyone, however, we are always advocates of wearing what makes you feel beautiful and confident – whether it’s “traditionally flattering” or not. Like the Spring style statement, bike shorts, we have some mixed feelings in the office about this coveralls trend. What we can all agree on though, is that there are ways to make these coveralls chic.

Unless you are blessed with height, we would recommend pairing these jumpsuits with a heel. Adding a little height will help prevent this style from looking frumpy on shorter frames. Pair these jumpsuits with spring bootie or sandal. All these looks need to be complete are shoes and accessories! We just love a good, easy outfit.


Spring Denim Trend

Tie it all together with this new denim trend. The tie-waist trend simple, casual style for Spring denim. Show off the bow in the front by pairing these jeans with a top that can be tucked in. Try just a simple baby fit tee to balance out wider or looser silhouettes. But any shorter cut top that allows the waistline to be seen is perfect. Sandals, sneakers, flats or mules – we love how easy this denim is to coordinate.  How perfect are the’s tie-waist flares by Joe’s?

Wide Leg Jeans

Spring Denim Trend

Go big or go home! We’ve seen wide shapes for several seasons now, but Spring is bringing us even BIGGER styles. If you’ve done any online shopping recently, you’ve probably seen just how wide and big some of these designers went for their Spring collection. If you want to try a wide style, but want to ease yourself in, try selecting something like the styles we picked above. We love a good, true, wide-leg like these light wash flares by Mother, but how cute are these light pink wide-leg crops? Totally perfect for Spring!

Bleached Denim

Spring Denim Trend

Last but not least for Spring Denim Trends we have bleached denim. If you’ve been following our blogs you saw us mention bleached denim back when we were announcing the Style Statements for the new season. So many cute bleached denim styles to choose from. You can kill two trend birds with one stone and go with these bleached wide-legs by AG or double up on the tie-dye and bleached trend with these by Frame.

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