The Value of In-Store Wardrobe Consulting

Posted on August 8, 2018

Wardrobe Consultation

Retailers who employ BJ Wilson and Company’s fashion retail training and seminars can offer in-store wardrobe consultations to shoppers. Not only does this valuable service elevate retailers above the competition, it educates and informs shoppers to make better fashion decisions for themselves. Unfortunately, many people have never experienced the benefits of a wardrobe consultation from a certified wardrobe expert. In order to get the most out of this valuable service, shoppers should follow a few easy tips.

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What to Expect from a Wardrobe Consultation

It’s not uncommon for shoppers to misunderstand the role of a wardrobe consultant. A typical salesperson at a fashion retailer seeks to move individual pieces and has little to no personal knowledge of the customer. Salespeople can offer recommendations on size and fit, but cannot know how a piece works within the larger scheme of a closet. A wardrobe consultant works with a client to update a complete wardrobe. Consultants build wardrobes that reflect the client’s lifestyle and profession, and incorporate preferences for color and fit. Wardrobe consultants also work within set color schemes, so individual pieces can work across different outfits. People who use consultants on a regular basis can save a substantial amount of their apparel budget, since their wardrobe contains adaptive clothing that works within a set scheme. When meeting a client, consultants often analyze preexistent apparel and ask questions to determine what types of outfits are needed.

How Often Should I Get Consultations?

The regularity of consultations depends on personal preference, though most professionals would recommend a seasonal schedule. Clothing changes throughout the year to reflect the demands of the weather, and a full wardrobe should have clothing that rotates in and out as the seasons revolve. In order to accommodate advancements in style, each seasonal wardrobe should receive an annual update. Bi-annual wardrobe consultations before the “transition” seasons — spring and fall — make the most sense for the average person. Some people prefer quarterly consultations, or will schedule special appointments before vacations or important events.

Know What You Like

In order to save time and money during your wardrobe consultation, it’s useful to have some preconceptions about your clothing preferences and size. Pull out your favorite pieces of apparel — both in terms of comfort and style — to show to the consultant. You could also make a list of your preferred designers, brands, stores and clothing materials. Of course, if a particular fabric or style makes you uncomfortable, let the consultant know. Also, make sure to trust your instincts.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Your wardrobe consultant is a fashion expert, so do not hesitate to ask them anything and everything. Curious about clothing care requirements, or the proper way to wear a piece of clothing? Now’s your chance to ask! For future reference, inquire as to which brands tend to complement your body type. You should also get clear on which pieces have cross-suitability, i.e. the pieces you can wear for work and play alike.

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