The Importance of Knowing Clothing Categories

Posted on April 12, 2018

Clothing categories reflect our individual lifestyles. For example, a wardrobe full of jeans and T-shirts works well for someone who runs a home daycare and coaches soccer on the weekends. This person needs apparel that stands up to heavy wear, has low replacement costs and easy care requirements.

A high-powered professional who spends her days in meetings and board rooms need an altogether different wardrobe. This individual’s career requires a strictly professional and classically-styled wardrobe. Few customers have lifestyles that require completely formal or informal wardrobes.

In fact, most people will need at least two or three categories of clothing to adequately serve their wardrobe needs. A woman may be the vice-president of the bank and have an extensive social calendar; but she also needs to dress for weekend at the golf course. A well-balanced wardrobe for this woman, would therefore, contain clothing from at least three categories.

The Different Clothing Categories and Their Descriptions

There are five main clothing categories, the name of each suggests the kind of clothing needed for the varied aspects of an active life. For example, a customer needs certain types of clothing for the workplace, different kinds of leisure and also things to wear for special occasions and formal events.

Keep in mind, sleepwear, undergarments and foundation pieces are also considered part of a wardrobe. Some customers may own enough of these to create an entirely separate category, which would also require seasonal planning.

The Five Categories

Professional or Career

Business clothing and accessories appropriate for the workplace, business meetings, business dinners and interviews.

Dressy Casual

Clothing and accessories appropriate for the office, informal meetings, church and nicer occasions such as luncheons, the theater, and entertaining.


Clothing and accessories appropriate for casual Friday at the office, and for everyday wear and activities such as grocery shopping, lunch with friends, and casual parties.

Formal or Social Wear

Clothing and accessories appropriate for evening events and special occasions such as weddings, black-tie dinners, or balls.

Active Wear

Clothing and accessories designed for exercise and sports activities such as golf, tennis, yoga, running and biking.

Knowing the different clothing categories and being able to identify the ones that suit your lifestyle are one of the foundational steps of building a functional wardrobe that works for you! To learn more about the BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting ProcessTM check out our website for a list of our professional fashion styling and wardrobe consulting services.


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