The Fashion Cycle

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The Fashion Cycle: Strategic Buying and Selling for Retail is for those looking for something new: an edge over competitors; a distinctive service for customers; or the ability to use professional development as a way to retain employees in a high-turnover industry. Whether they work behind the scenes or with customers, your team will benefit from increased fashion knowledge and the development of communication skills that will increase revenue and generate greater customer loyalty.

This book is intended for small boutiques and larger fashion retailers alike and is also perfect for individuals interested in a successful, lucrative career in the fashion industry. The world of fashion presents a one-of-a-kind blend of styles, opinions, cultures, and much more. No matter what path in the fashion industry a student chooses to pursue, they are guaranteed a fast-paced, creative, dynamic, and unique career.

Intended for both men and women, this book is accessible for anyone interested in the fashion industry. It is highly relevant for students enrolled in formal courses of study, as well as those who are self-directed. This workbook and practical guide will help students develop the professional skills for a career in any of the following positions:

Apparel Buyer

Image Consultant

Fashion Designer

Stylist Assistant

Fashion Journalist

Personal Stylist

Fashion Retail Manager

Personal Shopper

Fashion Sales Associate

Retail manager

Fashion Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser

Fashion Photographer

Wardrobe Consultant

Fashion Public Relations Manager

Web Merchandiser


Real-World Proven Techniques

Transitional Planning

Trend Analysis

Body Shapes for Both Men and Women

Seasonal Sales

Customer Service and Relationship Building

Wholesale Market Calendar

The BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process™

Key Retail Team Members

Suggestive Selling in Retail

Starting Your Own Wardrobe Consulting Business

Other Consulting and Selling Opportunities