What It’s Like Working with a Personal Stylist

Posted on September 26, 2019

Fall has officially arrived and we are now well into our busiest wardrobe season of the year. Our stylists have been busy shopping, styling and coordinating autumnal transitory outfits for our clients every day since August. Each new season our stylists see our new and returning clients and work tirelessly, helping them achieve their wardrobe and personal style goals and needs. It all sounds fun and glamorous, but many wonder what it’s actually like working with a personal stylist and having a wardrobe consultation?

A Wardrobe Plan vs. A Closet Makeover

Although the need for a seasonal wardrobe plan may seem like common sense, most wardrobe consultants are not clear on the importance of separating the seasons and focusing on each seasons’ wardrobe individually. Many consultants tend to ignore the seasons altogether and approach wardrobe planning as a ‘closet makeover’ – simply, making the closet look good.

A closet makeover does have it’s nice perks. For one, most closet makeovers involve rearranging items in the closet so that the closet looks much more pulled together – aesthetically, speaking. A good stylist would then even offer suggested coordinated outfits based on what already exists within the clients’ wardrobe. However, at the end of a closet makeover, nothing really gets done. Nothing goes together because there is no wardrobe plan and nothing has been separated by the seasons.

Although having an edited and well-organized closet is essential to effortless dressing, a closet makeover without proper wardrobe planning fails to provide the proper framework to prepare a wardrobe plan and shopping list.

What Sets Us Apart?

The BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process™ is based on seasonal planning. Our tried and true process is methodical and repeatable and can be used on any wardrobe, regardless of the state of the wardrobe or the size. Our wardrobe consulting process  ensures:

  • a wardrobe customized appropriately for the current season
  • that the clothing and accessories will carry into the next season comfortably
  • that the wardrobe can be built on from year to year
  • a color scheme and wardrobe plan for easy shopping, dressing and coordinating
  • dozens of new outfits

Our process truly enables our clients to grow in confidence, style and ultimately feel good about the way they manage their clothing budget. With a wardrobe plan, you end up spending less money on impulse buys and things you don’t need. In turn, you learn to strategically purchase items that easily weave back into your existing wardrobe.

Are You Ready for the Wardrobe of Your Dreams?

To learn more about our professional styling and wardrobe consulting services, click here. Our team of expert stylists is here to help you with your unique fashion and styling needs. Feel free to contact us today to schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our wardrobe specialists.

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