First Consultation

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The BJ Wilson In-Home Wardrobe Consulting Process™ is a unique method of wardrobe management and is based on a functional wardrobe for each of the Four Seasons.

Closet Makeovers begin in your home with an analysis of your existing wardrobe. The process will begin by separating and organizing your clothing into seasons and appropriate clothing categories based on your lifestyle and color for optimal organization. Once the current season’s wardrobe is sorted and organized. Your stylist will do a closet audit to evaluate and assess your current wardrobe and remove any items that are worn out, unused, unwanted or don’t fit properly. Removing these items leaves only items that fit you and your lifestyle. We recommend taking your discarded clothing to a consignment store or donate to your favorite charity!



After The Audit And The Organization

Closet Consultation

Your personal stylist will discuss your lifestyle, your wardrobe and your clothing budget with you. Based on your consultant’s conclusion, she will make suggestions to address your unique wardrobe needs. Some clients require a wardrobe built from scratch focusing on basics needed to give the wardrobe a strong foundation.

Your stylist will:

  • Evaluate the existing wardrobe
  • Organize closet and separates wardrobe by the season
  • Design a wardrobe plan to work for client’s lifestyle
  • Determine a color scheme using basics and new seasonal accent colors
  • Create a shopping list to update current wardrobe or purchase new wardrobe
  • Determine your clothing budget

No matter what lifestyle you live, your wardrobe needs to work for you. It should personify you and the image your desire to project. It should relieve the decisions of “what to wear” and eliminate impulsive purchases. It should empower you to accept compliment with confidence.

With other clients the stylist may find they have problems coordinating because of missing components. The stylist will identify the items and organize a shopping list that completes outfits and gives the client a balanced and a workable wardrobe. We refer to this as a “fill-in’ wardrobe plan.

The final step of both wardrobe plans is a needs assessment (shopping list) to complete and update your wardrobe based upon your specific clothing needs.

Wardrobe management is the most efficient method of planning eliminates impulse buying and effectively manages the total clothing budget. Our personalized service works within any budget, the process is the same and anyone can be more effective by utilizing a wardrobe planning.

Our wardrobe planning technique insures that the “head-to-toe” image you want to project is complete. Planning effectively perfects your wardrobe, improves your image, and agrees with your budget omits impulsive buys. Working with a personal stylist gives you options, keeps you in style and helps you get the most out of your clothes.


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$150/hour – Wardrobe Consulting (2hr Minimum)
$50/hour – Wardrobe Consulting with Assistant (2hr. Minimum)