Personal Shopping & Styling



Our personal stylist loves to shop! They organize your shopping list based on your needs , lifestyle and color scheme designed just for you. Their goal is to shop the specialty boutiques and luxury stores to find the perfect items that support your wardrobe plan and lifestyle.

Your stylist will follow the shopping list that she created for you!

A fitting and personal styling session occurs after your closet makeover and personal shopping are complete. Typically, this requires two appointments, one for a fitting of your new purchases, and one for styling. During the first appointment, we will bring in all of our purchases for you to try on and evaluate fit. If alterations are necessary, we will fit and pin the garment to you and send them off for alterations. An additional fee will be charged for alterations.

  • Present the new items that supports the client’s wardrobe – based on the specifics of your shopping list
  • Conduct a professional fitting. Your stylist will determine if any alterations are needed and will pin accordingly. Alterations will be taken to the tailor and returned upon completion.
  • Determine which items need to be kept, returned or exchanged. All items brought to you from the personal shopping trip will be tried on for proper fit. If the item is the wrong size or unflattering, items that do not meet approval will either be exchanged or returned.
  • Decide any additional items required to complete the wardrobe; creating a new final shopping list. Once our stylists begin to fill in the pieces of your wardrobe’s missing elements, other items are often needed to pull the look together. A belt, jewelry, a new bag, a light sweater – these finishing pieces will be shopped for to complete the new looks.

Final Appointment

For the final appointment, your stylist will bring in your new purchases, complete with any necessary alterations or size exchanges, and begin coordinating these new items with items already existing in your wardrobe. If everything fits perfectly the first time, this second appointment may not be necessary. Your stylist will put together at least 30 outfits complete with shoes, handbags and accessories. If you have any special events coming up, be sure to let your consultant know so we can coordinate special outfits accordingly.

Wardrobe Coordinating Digital Photo Shoot or Style Book

Coordinating & Digital Fashion Shoot is a recommended service we offer to accompany any personal shopping, styling, or closet makeover services. Most of our clients opt for this service during their follow-up closet consultation. Your stylist will layout and photograph the new outfits that were coordinated just for you. You will receive the stylebook in electronic or physical form for you to keep on hand while dressing yourself and creating your own looks with your new wardrobe. (This is the perfect way to simplify the process of getting dressed each morning for those of us who struggle with coordinating or are short on time!

Your stylist will coordinate complete outfits from new purchases and existing wardrobe items. All outfits will be styled with bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Appointment includes photography of coordinated outfits including a stylebook.


$150/hour- Wardrobe Consulting
$50/hour- Wardrobe Consulting with Assistant
$200/hour- Wardrobe Consulting with Digital Photo Shoot


Woman Shopping

STYLIST will pre-shop for the client and have clothing waiting for them at specific store to try on for approval.

Shopping with one of our personal shoppers is the ultimate shopping experience. Not only will you get an honest, professional opinion, you will have the wardrobe experts helping you every step of the way. Your personal stylist will pre-shop stores and have everything you need for your new seasonal wardrobe waiting for you in a fitting room when you arrive. She will have you try on new things, but most importantly; educate you to evaluate what works for you and your Body Shape and Size. Our stylist always keeps your budget and image goals in mind and will work with you to put together the perfect seasonal wardrobe. An appointment will be scheduled for you to meet your stylist in-store to try on pre-shopped items and to shop the store together.

  • Makes arrangement with the store for client appointment
  • Pre-shops store to select and pull wardrobe for client prior to appointment
  • Wardrobe is ready for client to try on when she arrives for appointment


$75/hour + 15% commissions on items kept
$50/hour- Travel Time – Applies to travel for consulting or shopping outside of a 25 mile radius of BJ Wilson & Company offices

Wardrobe Consultation- In Store- Personal Shopping

Wardrobe Consultation

Your Personal Stylist makes an appointment at the appropriate stores and arranges an exclusive private fitting room that allows you to feel completely comfortable bringing in key pieces from your own wardrobe, where you can mix and match some of your best pieces with the new pieces.

Your stylist will shop with you using the personalized shopping list that was built from the basics in your closet while working within your wardrobe budget.

  • Stylist will make arrangements to meet client in a specified store, guide her on what to buy for her specific needs, life, budget and image goals
  • The client and stylist will shop the store together pulling a new wardrobe, adding specified pieces, new trends, shoes, bags and accessories.
  • Stylist will help client make final decisions including fitting, pinning and alterations if needed.
  • Stylist will finalize the sales with sales associates
  • Make all arrangements to deliver wardrobe to clients home or to be picked up.
  • If coordinating, photos will be taken in office or in client’s home (additional charge)

The final result is a functional, coordinated wardrobe and a client whose appearance is enhanced by projecting a self-assured image, whatever the lifestyle.


$150/hour- Wardrobe Consulting
15% Commissions charged (before tax) on final clothing selections