How Fashion Retailers Can Improve Customer Relationships

Posted on July 2, 2018

Customer Service TipsAll retailers compete over the same limited resource: customers. When related retailers sell similar products, customer service becomes a primary factor for brand differentiation. Stores may slash prices, but retailers who offer top-tier service stand head and shoulders above the competition. Customers want to feel special, and sales associates who treat every customer as a unique individual are more likely to generate loyalty and repeat sales. For high-end fashion retailers, this effort becomes even more important. Sales associates must not only cater to customers’ needs and wants, they must discover the particularities of a personal sense of fashion. To improve your own relationship with customers, adhere to these customer service tips.

Ask the Right Questions

When it comes to customer relationships, everything hinges on whether the sales associate knows how to ask the right questions. A customer should never feel interrogated, but associates should naturally and casually offer inquiries to learn about the customer’s lifestyle and personal preferences. As a salesperson, you would first want to make sure you understand the customer’s wardrobe needs, along with their reasons for coming into the store. Secondly, seek insight into the customer’s profession and lifestyle. When choosing pieces for a wardrobe, ask about the nature of the customer’s work environment and try to discover how he or she currently dresses. Ask them what they like to do on the weekends, and whether they enjoy the outdoors or spend a lot of time traveling. It’s also important to gauge the customer’s need for formal attire, especially around the holidays.

After you’ve established an outline of the customer’s needs and lifestyle, you can move on to matters of taste. Ask the customer about which colors and styles they find flattering, and attempt to establish an ideal size and fit. Make sure to offer recommendations. Many people avoid certain colors because they find them ill-suited, and it could behoove you to break down these prejudices through the suggestion of alternate shades.

How it Benefits Retailers

Sales associates who follow these customer service tips are more likely to sell complete wardrobes, rather than individual pieces. The reason for this is simple: once a customer trusts a salesperson, they are more likely to take their advice and allow them to make more comprehensive recommendations. When it comes time for new seasonal clothing, shoppers will return to stores where they feel comfortable and appreciated. This provides for a steady stream of revenue throughout the year, especially if sales associates have training in seasonal sales techniques.

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