His and Hers: Valentine’s Date Outfits

Posted on January 30, 2020

Picture this. Tonight is your date night for Valentine’s Day with your significant other. You start rummaging through your entire closet, looking for that perfect thing to wear. As you slide past every piece of clothing you have, you realize you have nothing to wear. So, you decide to go out shopping. But when you get to the store, you still have no idea what to pick out. Don’t panic! We are here to help you out. Below, we have put together great outfits for you to consider. To make sure you are fully prepared for your date night, we made sure to include a casual look and a dressy look. We hope to make it a perfect date night.

For Her Outfits:

For her outfits

Casual (Left):

If your date is a little more casual, the first look we have put together on the left is the one for you. Whether you are staying in for dinner or going to a friend’s V-Day party, this look is perfect. We decided to include this simple red bodysuit for fashion and comfort. Bodysuits have been very trendy this past year, so we thought it would be an excellent fit for a casual night. Then, we paired the bodysuit with a pair of ripped black jeans, because nothing says casual more than a pair of jeans. We also included a pair of red Manolo heels, just in case you wanted to spice the look up. But, a pair of white sneakers are fine as well.

Some simple accessories we included are some dangly gold earrings, like these, and a gold necklace, like this. The gold ties in well with the red and black, and they aren’t too flashy. Lipstick isn’t always necessary, but if you do decide to wear it, we put this red Saint Laurent lipstick to match along with the bodysuit. Finally, we threw a Gucci crossbody bag in because you can never go anywhere without a bag!

Dressy (Right):

The dressy outfit we chose for you is stunning and is sure to have your date saying, “wow!” If you’re going to a five-star restaurant or perhaps a formal event, we suggest wearing this show-stopping black, strapless dress. It is an elegant and timeless piece. The shoes that we thought were perfect to pair with the dress are these sheer pointed toe heels. They are simple enough to not overshadow the dress, but they are still beautiful.

We also added some over-exaggerated accessories to make this look stand out. The first statement piece is this black Oscar de la Renta clutch with silver accents. The silver makes the whole look shine. To add to the shine, we put some diamond drop earrings. These are not only stunning, but they match the accents on the clutch. This diamond bracelet is another touch of diamond to make this look stand out and it’s just gorgeous. For a pop of red for Valentine’s Day, we added some Chanel red nail polish and a Christian Louboutin red lipstick. Now, your final look is complete!


For Him Outfits:

For him outfits

Casual (Left):

For men, there are many options of casual outfits to wear. We decided to not get too relaxed with our picks. The first piece we included is a navy blue polo shirt. It’s the perfect combination of classy and casual, which is ideal for date night. Then, we added a pair of jeans to keep it simple. Some shoes that many men wear for any occasion are some black and white converse. These add some comfort and a little bit of style to the look. The accessories that are good for a casual night are a watch and some cologne. A watch is an easy accessory to pair with anything, and it looks like more effort was put in. The cologne, on the other hand, is mainly for the lady your trying to impress.

Dressy (Right):

For a more formal or dressy event, we think we chose the perfect outfit. You may think that going with a black suit is cliche, but if it’s dressed up right, it can look really sexy. For the top, we chose a simple black blazer with a white button-up shirt. These pieces are great because it makes it simple to pair with any color tie. For this specific event, we chose a red tie for Valentine’s Day. Black dress pants are really the only way to go with this look. Since the blazer and pants are a sleek black, these shiny black shoes tie the look together. Plus, they are easy to slide on, so not much time has to be spent there. Accessories aren’t necessary for a very formal look. But, you can always wear the watch and cologne we paired with the first look. Then to tie it all together, we added a black wallet as a staple piece.

Wearing the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day can really make or break a date. We hope we have provided you with the best options to choose from.


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