Seasonal Wardrobe Planning vs. A Closet Makeover

Posted on October 18, 2018

Closet Makeover

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The following blog about a closet makeover contains excerpts from BJ Wilson’s book, An Expert’s Guide to Fashion Styling: A Workbook and Practical Guide available on our website and on Amazon. 

Wardrobe planning by the four seasons is the foundation of the BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process™ – the process which all of our professional fashion services stem from, including closet makeovers. The four seasons not only dictate the weather, but everything from fabric choices to color schemes as well. After decades working with client’s closets, we’ve decided the best way to have a functional and appropriate wardrobe is to focus completely on the seasons.

What is Seasonal Wardrobe Planning?

The idea of seasonality to wardrobe planning appears to be straightforward. Retail fashion stores adhere to a strict buying calendar to ensure maximum sales. Buyers will secure store inventories for upcoming seasons well in advance. They do this in order to have time for advertising and pre-selling the latest trends. As the weather changes many of us prepare our closets for the shift. We reorganize our wardrobes, moving Spring/Summer clothes aside in order to make room for the heavier, warmer Fall/Winter clothing (and vice versa).

Advantages of Seasonal Planning vs. A Closet Makeover

Although the need for a seasonal wardrobe plan seems like common sense, many wardrobe consultants are not clear on the importance of separating the seasons and focusing on the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter wardrobes individually. Most consultants tend to ignore the seasons all together and approach wardrobe planning as a closet makeover in which everything in the closet needs to be addressed all at once. Evaluating a wardrobe in this way is not only over-whelming but incredibly time consuming. Not only is it an over-load of work, but it doesn’t provide the proper framework to prepare a wardrobe plan or shopping list.

A closet makeover does have its perks. For one, most closet makeovers involve rearranging the items in the closet so that the closet looks much more put together – aesthetically. The consultant may also offer some advice on new clothing combinations as the garments are reorganized. However, at the end of the closet makeover, nothing truly goes together because the clothes, shoes and accessories have not been separated by the seasons.

The lack of separations results in all the seasons being mixed together, making it impossible to dress appropriately (and easily) for the current season. This creates a situation that nearly always results with an unhappy client.

What Sets Us Apart?

The BJ Wilson Wardrobe Consulting Process™ is based on seasonal planning. The process is methodical and repeatable and can be used on any wardrobe, regardless of the state of the wardrobe or it’s size. Whether you are working with yourself or a client, you/they will know what to expect every time. Our process ensures:

  • a wardrobe customized for the current season
  • that the clothing and accessories will carry into the next season comfortably
  • that the wardrobe can be built on for year to year

Our process enables our clients to grow in confidence, style and ultimately feel good about the way they manage their clothing budget.

To learn more about our professional fashion styling and wardrobe makeover services, click here. Our team of expert fashion stylists are here to help you with your unique fashion and styling needs. Feel free to contact us to schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our wardrobe specialists.

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