Bringing Back the Decade Trends

Posted on April 2, 2020

Each year, we reminisce on a past decade through fashion. Whether it is bringing back old decade trends or modernizing them, they are always being brought back. Trends this year aren’t just showing the honoring of one decade. There are a few that are being brought back into the fashion world. Here are some of the decade trends we will be seeing this year.

3 Decade Trends:


This decade was an empowering fashion moment for women. Outfits became unisex, colors became a way of expression, and barriers were broken. In today’s trends, there are many 60’s styles that are being modernized, like this skirt suit outfit. Suits for women were brought around in the 60’s, but they are being brought back today with a modern take. Bright colors, bold shoulders, and more seem to be the main modernization. We are also seeing a lot of prints back this season, which was seen a lot in the 60’s. These are being modernized by creating extremely bold prints like this maxi dress. The late 60’s brought mini dresses which seem to be coming back in today’s fashion with a twist. Some mini dresses today have ruffles and some have metallic and bold colors like this floral lace mini dress.

60's Decade Trend


70’s fashion was heavily influenced by music. Psychedelic, folklore and rock fashion defined this decade of fashion. One of the trends from the 70’s that we are seeing in 2020 is hot pants like these. Another thing we see a lot of today are graphic t-shirts. These were a popular rock band trend, so with music making a big impact today, it’s no surprise this trend is still around. These are especially a popular thrifting trend. People love to buy band tees like this one. We saw a skirt suit in the 60’s but in the 70’s, women began dressing in full pant suits like this one. 

70's decade trend


The 1990’s fashion trends are always around. Every year we seem to see something from the nineties, so this year is no different. One of the trends we have been seeing in 2020 so far is mom jeans, like these. These jeans are one of the most flattering, which is why they have stuck around for so long. Another trend people have been wearing is platform shoes. These shoes bring an edginess to any look which people have been looking for in 2020. In our last post, we talked about a bunch of denim jean trends. One of the trends was a wide leg jean, which was popular in the 90’s, but we are also seeing other wide leg pants as well.

90's decade trends

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